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Biodegradable Leaf Plates
Areca Palm Plates
Welcome to, the merry land of Palm Dish Products.    
Areca Plates India
Areca Leaf Disposable Plates
Areca Leaf Plate Manufacturers   Disposable Areccanut Plates   Natural Areca Nut Leaf Plates   Palm Leaf Disposable Plates
Disposable Plates India
Spread the Palm Dish Products evolution all over India and abroad. Increase the cultivation of Palm Tree and thus maximize the profit out of it. Conversion of the Palm Tree and its part into multi utility products and involve in continuous research in Palm Tree and Palm Dish Products.
Leaf Plates India
  lakh self employment opportunities to unemployed rural women and youths.
Palm Leaf Dishes
  Additional income to areca nut farmers
Areca Leaf Plates Buyers
  Reducing pollution caused by the extensive use of plastic plates.
Be the providers of useful cum eco-friendly products from palm dishes to innovate and keep our country clean to reduce the pollution through industrial activities.
Maximizing the potentiality of palm products through industry by innovative products and increasing the involvement of women and youth in rural growth.
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  Mr. P. K. Lonappan (C.E.O.)
Deepam Palm Dish,
St. Thomas Street, Kuriachira,
Thrissur: 680 001, Kerala, India.

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Fax: + 91 0487 2421790.