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  Palm Leaf Disposable Plates
  No substitute can be replaced against our new product "Areca Disposable Palm Dish"
Disposable Plates India
  Botanical Name - Areca catechu Linn.
Leaf Plates India
  Family Name - Palmae (Arecaceae)
Palm Leaf Dishes
  Common Name - Arecanut Palm, Betelnut Palm, Areca Palm, Pinang Palm.
What is Palm Dish?
These are dishes for serving food made out of areca nut leaves with the help of simple mechanical
operation of equipment developed by 'DEEPAM'.

The plates are made without application of any chemical or chemical process.
Salient features
Areca Leaf Plates Buyers
  Naturally hygienic : manufactures out of farm fresh areca palm leaves.
Areca Leaf Plates Exporters
  Retaining warmness and original taste of food.
Areca Leaf Plates Suppliers
  Handy, leak proof, strong and light weight.
Areca Leaf Products
  Ideal for buffet lunch/ fast food services/ catering services/star hotel and air catering
Biodegradable Leaf Plates
  Eco-friendly bio- degradable and hence use and throw dishes.
Areca Palm Plates
  Looks beautiful and meets the aesthetic taste.
Substitute for Plastic /Aluminium Dishes
Arecanut leaf plates are ideally suited for serving food items and it has been certified by Central Food Technological Institute at Mysore, in India (A Govt of India concern.).It is a product with superior qualities like fiber strength, Bio-degradable, ideal for buffet lunch, non- toxic etc. over plastic/aluminum plates used for serving food.
Deepam Triple Advantage Project
After years of research Deepam palm Dish has developed a scheme titled 'DEEPAM TRIPLE ADVANTAGE PROJECT' this project aims at generating 3 lakh fresh employment opportunities to unemployed rural women and youths in India by encouraging them to set up arecanut leaf plate making units in areas where arecanut is grown.
In India, arecanut grows in an area of 4.85 lakh hectors. Total number of standing arecanut tree in India is estimated as 660 million numbers. These trees shed 5320 million leaves every year of which 4250 million are available as raw material for plate making units. A plate making unit requires 70,000 leaves per year. In other words the annually available leaves would be sufficient to meet the entire raw material requirements of over 60,000 plate making units.

Each plate making unit would generate 5 fresh employment opportunities for 300 days in a year with each person earning Rs 120- 150 per day. Thus the 60,000 units that can be set up would generate over 3 lakh fresh employment opportunities and will create an "Employment Revolution in rural India" At present arecanut leaves are treated as agro waste by farmers in India. However the effective use of these leaves for producing the value added dishes will naturally make this agro waste an important raw material for which the farmers will fetch a price. It will be an additional income to areca nut farmers.

With a view to ensuring smooth and profitable running of units established with `DEEPAM' technology, Deepam Palm Dish has undertaken the responsibility of buying back and marketing of all the quality plates produced by these units. This arrangement relieves the units of the responsibility of marketing, for which they have no expertise or network.
   Pollution Free
Areca nut palm leaf plates can be a major instrument for reducing pollution caused by the extensive use of plastic plates for serving food items during festivals, celebrations, get together etc. as unlike plastic/aluminium, palm dishes are bio-degradable. Moreover, the cut pieces of palm leaves generated during the manufacturing process will also cause no problem as this waste can be utilized either as substitute to fire wood or for producing vermese compost.
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Areca Leaf Disposable Plates
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