About Us

In today's dark and polluted environment, a new light is required to lead others to a pure and Eco-Friendly world. In 1967, "Deepam Palm Dish" (Deepam meaning: Lamp of Light), took an initiative to be that guide for establishing and to promote a green and clean Environment. We started with this righteous goal, to find sustainable eco-friendly alternative to plastic disposable dishes. We engage in manufacturing, supplying and exporting premium quality plates, trays and other dishes made from Areca Palm leaves. Our process is 100% natural and free from any harmful chemicals. What sets palm dish apart is the fact that, absolutely no trees are harmed in the process of manufacturing our products. We only use fallen leaves from Palm Trees and are completely compostable and bio-degradable.

Kerala, known as God's own country, is one of the largest regions with immense amount of areca palm trees. Situated in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, we never face any shortage on raw materials as we receive an everlasting supply of fallen palm leaves from local to out of state agriculturists. Moreover, our production unit functions 24 hours which boosts the production time to enable fast supply of our finished products. Apart from this, we are a major innovator in the industry that has encouraged the participation of women in the manufacturing process. Our products are appreciated by clients for their excellent finishing in national as well as international markets. Each of our products is tested in respect of quality and durability by a team of auditors. They ensure that we achieve optimum quality standards at every level of production. The products manufactured by us are appreciated by a large number of foreign tourists as well. Some of the countries where our products are exported are USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, East Asia, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent.

We are real alternatives to plastic disposable dishes as they contain harmful chemicals. Our ethical business practices have made us a clients' favorite around the globe.

Our Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured using Areca Palm leaves and agro waste of areca palm nut production. These products do not possess any harmful chemicals and are thus extremely safe for long term usage. We can guarantee that our products are hygienic and trustworthy. In addition, these are leak proof and extremely handy. Apart from this, our products are also checked for quality and reliance at every step of the manufacturing process. These are tightly made with expert craftsmanship and are therefore, strong and durable. The environmental friendliness of our products makes them the most reliable for use.

Why Us?

Our organization has received many awards for its innovative and ethical business practices and garnered a worldwide reputation for manufacturing eco friendly Palm dishes. Our products have been certified by the Central Food technological Institute at Mysore which is a Government body of India. The products that we offer are of superior quality, and are known for their fiber strength and light weight. Moreover, our products are hygienic and eco friendly. Unlike aluminum and plastic plates, our items are non toxic and extremely safe for use. These serve as great instruments for reducing pollution as the waste produced during the manufacturing process is used as fire wood by the rural folk and for producing Vermicompost.

Our aim:-

We aim to spread this evolution to all over India and to other countries where arecanut is cultivated.We are converting the palm waste into multi--utility product so that farmers reap an extra income.